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Qinhuangdao Fande Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Address: No.85 Xigang north Rd Haigang District Qinhuangdao City

Phone: +86-335-3527500 Fax:+86-335-3527505

Email: sales@finderglass.com

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We are focus on supply the best purchase service experience for customer.

We are able to give customer fast option of right suppliers.

We have professional QC people to stop any defect product flow to Customer.

We can arrange all logistic jobs to make cargos be deliveried in time.

We do not produce glass bottles,but we are experienced in glass bottle industry.

Our company employees have more than 10 years professinal work experience in glass packaging industry line,include wine bottle,spirit bottle,food jar and glass cup etc. 

  • Anxious customer need, want to customer need, all customer's benefits. Your success is our success!

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address: No.85,Xigang North Road, Xigang district,Qinhuangdao City

Phone: 86 335 3527500 Email:sales@finderglass.com

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